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If you're looking to enhance your wellbeing and overall health, you've come to the right place. Naturally Mindful specialise in helping you feel more able to cope, less stressed and ready for whatever life brings.

We provide a range of nature and mindfulness based health and wellbeing services and we support and follow the UK Mindfulness Teaching Good Practice Guidelines

Over the weekend I've seen people wandering around holding up their iPads filming the view rather than actually looking at it themselves. This means they only capture what is in front of the lens rather than the whole view. Even if they then watch the film many times, they are still missing something. I also watched as a group of young people sat at a viewpoint looking at their mobiles, one playing a soccer game, one playing a tetris type game, one messaging and another playing Pokemon, all missing what could be seen, the reason for the viewpoint and the effort made to reach it! once they were shown they became enthralled in the real world around them rather than the virtual one created by others. Golden banded dragonfly looking across the valley one of the local red squirrels Osprey on the nest (in the valley above) All these were seen in just a small period of time, but you need to open your eyes and look, take in your surroundings. Don't get your nature fix from a screen, it is much more beneficial to experience nature and our place in it than the easy option of virtual space.
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